Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Greater and Lesser Jihad

Ahmad 'Afif Zuhdi
“The greater jihad is fighting one’s animal tendencies. It is internal than external: striving in the path of God to overcome one’s animal side. Man shares with animals certain characteristics which, if let loose, make him a very dangerous beast. To bring these passion under control, that is what jihad means. Man has a tendency to overestimate himslef - and to underestimate his spiritual potential. He has tendency to control and expolit his environment and other human being. Jihad is essential against such tendencies

The lesser jihad- fighting on behalf of the community, in its defense – is a duty incumbent on a Muslim provided he is attacked. A man has the right to defend his life, his propety and he has to organize himself along these lines. Of course, one can produce incidents in history and ask whether in fact the principle of self-defense applies. It is true that Muslim have waged wars, wars of conquest , wars in the ordinary scene, often not at all related to religion or faith. But this indicates that some Muslim have not exercised the Greater Jihad. ”

Yusuf Ibish

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